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Values-Based Leadership in Higher Education

These resources are aimed at all who work in Higher Education institutions, not only those who have

formal leadership roles within them.


There is considerable scholarly and research evidence, together with the evidence of our daily experience, which strongly suggests that it is not only desirable for us to integrate values into our practice decisions, it is necessary. Universally, we find emotional satisfaction (or discomfort) from our professional leadership because of a resonance (or dissonance) with our own personal values. Yet much of the time, many of us do not consciously interrogate and utilise our values to inform our professional decisions or judgements.

The resources you will find on this site aim to help you to address that by supporting you to engage in critical reflection on the values you think you may use across a number of potential leadership scenarios in Higher Education.

We believe that by engaging with, and reflecting on, the choices you feel you would make in the scenarios provided, and the other resources on this site, you can learn to be more conscious of the values you use (and would like to use) when making leadership decisions of your own. As a consequence, we believe those decisions will be made more easily, and more quickly. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that this will contribute to your own flourishing and ultimately to a greater harmony between you, the organisations you work in, and the communities you are part of.

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